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Shipping Procedure Instructions

 Dear Supplier,

 Brazilian Customs Legislation (Decree # 6.759/2009, articles 557 to 562 and respective items and paragraphs) establishes requirements that must be fully complied by the importers for customs clearance purpose.

 In order to comply with Brazilian legislation, all shipments MUST be in accordance with instructions below.

Please READ carefully and comply with the shipment instructions because Non accomplishment of the requirements will lead to penalties and payment of fines by the importer (Federal Taxes Revenues – “Receita Federal do Brasil”)  


  1. At least two (2) ORIGINAL COMMERCIAL INVOICE, PACKING LISTS, BL/AWB and  CERTIFICATES OF ORIGIN (when necessary) are required to be delivered to the Freight Forwarder or carrier while delivering the cargo.
  2. Please send  COPY COMMERCIAL INVOICE ,PACKING LIST, BL/AWB and  CERTIFICATES OF ORIGIN (when necessary)  to your 3M contact
  3. For countries with Free Trade Agreement (Ex: Mercosur) please also send COPY of CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN to your 3M contact
  4. All documents must be readable. 

Note that: All Commercial Invoices must be original and signed, preferably, in blue ink, by a legal representative of the exporter, vendor or supplier (for instance, company's directors) or by some other person who has Power of Attorney (POA) for signing invoices on behalf of the exporter. Original invoice signed by exporter or its legal representative is mandatory for clearance of the goods. Otherwise, the goods will be subject to seizure by customs. All signatures on the invoices must be fully identified (person’s complete name and position in the Company). 

    • Company Logo;
    • Bill & Ship To address;
    • Commercial Invoice Number and Date;
    • Purchase Order Number;
    • Payment Terms; (number of days to pay)
    • INCOTERM – Ex: EX WORKS, FOB, FCA, etc.;
    • Bank Information;
    • 3M ID or Part Number;
    • Goods Detailed English Description of Items;
    • Manufacturer’s Complete Name and Address;
    • Country of Origin;
    • Country of acquisition: It is considered the country that the goods were when acquired by importer to be exported to Brazil, regardless of their country of origin.
    • Quantity Shipped;
    • Unit Price and Total Price for each item - Prices expressed in multiples (hundreds, thousands, etc) are not allowed – Please specify the currency used (USD, EUR, GBP, etc…);
    • Commercial Invoice Total Amount;
    • Total Gross and Net Weight in Kg;
    • Number of Volumes;
    • Hand Signature in BLUE INK;

 Lack of required information will be subject to payment of fines by the importer.  For each missing piece of information the importer will pay BRL 200.00 (two hundred reais); 

Import Declaration (ID) in SISCOMEX System (Customs System) registered with incorrect information, will be also subject to payment of fine:  1% (one percent) over Customs Value, with a minimum value of BRL 500.00 (five hundred reais). The maximum value for this fine is 10% (ten percent) over total Customs Value (CIF) of the Import Declaration (ID); 

    • Company Logo;
    • Number Packing List and issued date
    • Bill & Ship To address;
    • Purchase Order Number;
    • 3M ID or Part Number;
    • Quantity Shipped;
    • Gross and net weight per item;
    • Total Gross and Net Weight in Kg;
    • Number of Volumes;
    • Volumes Dimensions and Unit of Measure;
    • It is recommended inform the respective number of invoice in the packing list


            All packaging must be properly and fully identified (LABEL) with 3M’s PO#, Quantity and Number of Volumes. Ex: 3 volumes: 1/3, 2/3, 3/3. 


  • Please send the Certificate of Analysis to:
  • For AIR SHIPMENTS ensure that the flight ends in VCP and does not pass through GRU OR the final of destination is GRU.
  • For OCEAN SHIPMENTS, final destination must be SSZ (Santos Port – Santos Brazil Terminal).
  • The freight Forwarder must be informed if the cargo is stackable or not.
  • Please ship only 5 containers per B/L.


  • Non-compliance of any of above requirements will cause problems for payment remittance and/or causes fines with Brazilian Customs.
  • If your company is not able to comply with any of those instructions, please inform your contact at 3M do Brasil Ltda.
  • Please do not forget to inform in your Commercial Invoice the Payment Information  (Bank name, Full Address, Account number, Swift Code or ABA number)
  • According to the Brazilian Central Bank regulations (CNC, article 6, paragraph 7, A), the payment terms will take the date of shipment into consideration (which means that: the date of the Bill of Lading or the Air Way Bill, and not the date of the invoice).
  • For EXW Incoterm EXPORT DATE on PO means cargo available for pick-up.
  • Wooden pallets need to be fumigated. There must be a stamp on the pallet and the certificate of fumigation must be sent along with other documents (copy only).
  • Some materials require Import License. Without this License, 3M Brazil cannot receive the material, and penalties will be charged. So, 3M needs to have the copy of the Invoice before the shipment to require Import License. When Import License is required, 3M will inform you, and then you must wait for 3M information to ship the goods (This Import License might take some days to be released)


            Please use 3M location data informed on Purchase Order.


            According Brazilian Customs law, documents not in compliance with above rules can generate penalties to 3M, such as: 


Legal Grounds


Presentation of Commercial Invoice not in accordance with Article 557 of the R.A.

Art. 715  of the R.A. Art 77 - Law 10833/03

R$ 200,00

Non-submission of the Packing List on the instruction of customs clearance

Art 77  - Law 10833/03

R$ 500,00

Wrong information of the country of origin, country of precedence, port of origin and destination port, complete product description, the exporter data / fabricant in D.I.

Art 69 - Law 10833/03

1%  on customs value. Minimum:R$500,00

Lack of commercial invoice for customs clearance.

Art 70, Inc. II, point b1 - Law 10833/03

5% on customs value

 We really appreciate your kindly assistance and look forward to be a successful partnership.

 Thank you very much.


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